Gifting 2.0


DropGifts is an exciting new way to send presents to friends. Our Facebook and mobile apps sync with users' friend lists to remind them of upcoming birthdays and special events. Users select a virtual gift card from our large collection of established brands. After the sender writes a personalized message, the recipient receives their gift in a wall post.


Mutual friends of the sender and recipient can see the gift exchange and choose to chip in to increase the value of the gift card. Now friends can pool together for gifts with the click of a button!


Gifts appear in Facebook news feeds when they are given and received. Retailers benefit from peer-to-peer public recommendation every time one of their gift cards is purchased.


How it works


Attractive Brands


DropGifts partners with a wide range of popular brands, so we have something to suit everyone. We also offer free gift cards that let users surprise friends without paying a penny! Best of all, our users can be sure that with the help of our birthday reminders, they will never miss an important event.



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