About Us


Excellent choice of gifts and brands

DropGifts cooperates with a wide range of popular shops and brands, so there is something to suit everyone. And the best thing is: many of the gifts are free. You can surprise friends, without paying a penny! Sending gifts has never been so easy and simple. With the help of our birthday reminders, you can keep track of all important events.

Most successful platform of its kind

Just a few weeks after launch, DropGifts was already the global number 1 in friend-2-friend gifting. Today, 1500 retailers partner with DropGifts and we're adding more every day.

We're a Berlin-based company financed through the investment company Rocket Internet and Dropgifts GmbH.

The platform in the profile

DropGifts revolutionises gifting on the internet. It is the central online platform for gifts of all kinds and the global number 1 in friend-2-friend gifting.

The solution is as simple as it is brilliant: with DropGifts you always win. There's something for everyone and as soon as a gift is sent via Facebook or email you can invite friends to chip in and top it up. With just a few clicks, you can increase the value of the gift and contribute to an even bigger surprise.

Gift cards 2.0

Voting on gift ideas for your friends and time-consuming money collecting are problems of the past. DropGifts works super simply: log in via your Facebook account, choose the gift, add a personal message and photo and choose how and when it will be delivered!